Company members are chosen by the director based on ability, dedication, and team spirit. Anyone interested in company should call the studio or stop by and take a class. We hold annual company auditions, however students are welcome to audition by appointment

year round.

Company Auditions 2014 are on Sunday June 22nd!

2013 - 2014 Company Uniform.pdf

“Mints” 2013 - 2014

9th - 11th

Heather Boardman, Chrystal Bustamante, Emily Montalbano, Joanna Mengani, Megan Cannava

“Junior Mints” 2013 - 2014

6th - 8th

Gabriela Diorio, Natalie Guida, 

Olivia Zhu, Samantha Turner, Gabrielle Asselta

“Sugar Plums” 2013 - 2014: Ballet Company

6th - 7th

Alyssa Healey, Haley Pisano

“Marshmallows” Tap Company 2013 - 2014

4th - 6th grade

Gabriella Asselta, Samantha Turner, Olivia Zhu, Cassandra Krute, Serena Rivera, Michele Guida

Lyrical Company 1: 2013 - 2014

5th - 11th grade

Natalie Guida, Gabriela Diorio, Joanna Mengani, Megan Cannava, Heather Boardman, Crystal Bustamante, Emily Montalbano

Lyrical Company 2: 2013 - 2014

1st - 4th grade

Brianna Courtien, Bianca Casiano, Michele Guida, Serena Rivera, Giovanna Mazzo, Julia Goldstein, Ariana Hastaba

“Skittles” 2013 - 2014

3rd - 4th Grade

Brianna Courtien, Michelle Guida, Serena Rivera

“Crunberries” Tap Company 2013 - 2014

K - 2nd

Bianca Casiano, Brianna Courtien, Ariana Hastaba, Julia Goldstein, Giovanna Mazzo

“Crunchies” 2012 - 2013

1st - 3rd Grade

Ariana Hastaba, Bianca Casiano, Julia Goldstein, Giovanna Mazzo

“M&M’s” 2012 - 2013


Angelina Mazzo, Hailey Tucciarelli

“Twix” Hip Hop Company 2013 - 2014

Megan Cannava, Joanna Mengani, Natalie Guida, Gabriela Diorio, Bianca Casiano

2012 - 2013 Production Cast:

Gabriella Asselta, Chrystal Bustamanle, Heather Boardman, Megan Cannava, Bianca Casiano, Brianna Courtien, Gabriela Diorio, Julia Goldstein, Michele Guida, Natalie Guida, Ariana Hastaba, Alyssa Healey, Angelina Mazzo, Giovanna Mazzo, Joanna Mengani, Emily Montalbano, Haley Pisano, Tyler Rivera, Serena Rivera, Hailey Tucciarelli, Samantha Turner, Olivia Zhu

2012 - 2013 GROUP PHOTOS